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  • Insuring Cargoes: Know Your Cargo (4) Asphalt/Bitumen

    Apr 01, 2012 · Tankers must be equipped with sufficient boilers and heating pipes in order to avoid any cooling down but even if during the voyage the tanker cools down the tanker must have sufficient capacity to reheat the bitumen upto a temperature of around 130˚C in order to pump out the Bitumen from the tanker into land-tanks installationLearn More

  • Thermal oil heating systems for maritime and inland shipping

    On inland vessels and inland tankers, the Konutherm thermal oil heating systems are used for heating cargo. You can think of HFO, fuel oil, bitumen, asphalt, chemicals and lubricating oil. Usually only a direct-fired boiler is used for this, that is without a secondary system in the form of a waste gas boiler.Learn More